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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So transparent we see right through them

Terrance Oakey, president of the anti union group Merit Canada,  met with 14 Conservative MPs , senior PMO and Finance staffers in the last month alone. This seems like extraordinary access to the most senior levels of government to me and puts to lie the Conservative contention that their anti union bill C-377 is not part of the government agenda instead is nothing more than a private members bill.

Of course we've known all along that the Conservatives were lying but it is always nice to have some concrete evidence to back up ones contentions.

From a Global News story

A Conservative MP who has said his private member’s bill was not part of the government’s agenda has been attending closed-door meetings with senior government players and a vocal anti-organized labour organization – a revelation that is raising red flags among critics.

Then in the ultimate act of irony given this bill is supposedly all about transparency we are treated to this

 Neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor Oakey would provide details of conversations that transpired during the meetings. “As per the Lobbying Act, the subject of meetings are contained in my reports, and beyond that we do not comment on what was discussed in meetings,” Oakey wrote in an email.   
h/t @queerthoughts

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  1. As always, Kev, the Conservatives' contempt for the average Canadian is both palpable and barely-concealed.