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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sound Managers of All Things Fiscal

The Harper government, sound managers of all things fiscal that they are, in their infinite wisdom have decided that spending nearly $900,000 building a political office for Leona Aglukkaq directly across from a federal building in Whitehorse is an excellent use of taxpayers money.

Not content with tossing away nearly a million dollars, these sound managers of things fiscal will also shell out $14,000+ a month  for rent and sundries for a total of $304,105.73 per year.That right there is a heck of a lot of pork however as  political minister for the north Aglukkaq should make good use of these new digs doling out even more pork by the barrel full.

There is just so much snark material in this story but I'll take a pass simply because I couldn't hope to top Keith Halliday of the Yukon News, his take is both scathing and hilarious all at the same time Read and enjoy or perhaps even weep a little if you you're so inclined.  Bond villain lair, Whitehorse-style

Cue the James Bond theme. Opening scene: a Challenger executive jet descends rapidly towards a small and distant airport, across a vast expanse of snowy mountains and frozen taiga.

Inside the jet: A bored-looking woman in a power suit and horn-rim glasses surveys her cringing minions with disdain, then peers out the window. “Is the safe house ready?” she asks.

Eager to please, a minion leans forward. “Oh yes, minister. It’s on top of a sporting goods store, and there’s even a Starbucks down the street.”

 h/t @Carolyn_Bennett

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