From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Thursday, January 31, 2013

There You Have It

While speaking at a fundraiser for Ontario PC candidate  Andrew Lister, Sen. Patrick Brazeau and Conservative MP Royal Galipeau had a grand old time sneeringly casting dispersions on Chief Theresa Spence, the #IdleNoMore movement and well any Canadian that disagrees with their agenda.

Here's a couple of choice quotes attributed to each
Brazeau: “I look at Miss Spence, when she started her hunger strike, and now?” Brazeau added as a voice in the hall called out, “She’s fatter,”
 Galipeau: “I stood in the circle around Chief Spence,” Galipeau said. “I noticed that manicure of hers. I tell you Anne can’t afford it,” he said, referring to his wife.
One would be justified in believing the conservatives are out to inflame emotions and provoke a reaction that would give them the pretext to clamp down on the movement and while that may be true I suspect given the two morons involved here it is more likely in this case at least to be simply a matter of two juvenile bastards trying to be witty.

Either way woe is us for having such in control of the levers of power.

As bad as this is and it is extremely bad to have members of government behave this way there was another quote from Galipeau that caught my attention. This one on BillC-377 the supposed union transparency bill the Conservatives swore up and down was only about letting union members and the public know how the unions spent their money.

Now anyone with half a brain knows that the real agenda was to cripple unions ability to oppose government especially a Conservative government so it was awfully nice of Galipeau to finally come clean and admit to such.
“Whether it’s Idle No More or Occupy or the pots and pans in Quebec, the labour movement can’t finance those things anymore because we’ve passed legislation to shine the light of day on that,”

So there you have it, a government sorely committed to the exclusion of all other considerations to the utter destruction of any and all who disagree with it. 

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