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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

“It was seen as a risk for our reputation,”

That was the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres explaining why it pulled out of the Helmholtz Alberta Initiative a project to develop solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the tarsands

“It was seen as a risk for our reputation,” Professor Frank Messner, Helmholtz UFZ’s head of staff said stiffly over the phone from his offices in Leipzig.
“As an environmental research centre we have an independent role as an honest broker and doing research in this constellation could have had reputational problems for us, especially after Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol,” he said.
How sad that our reputation has been so debased by the Harperites as to render any association with Canada toxic to one's reputation, Merely ridding ourselves of Harper and his toxic minions will not be enough to undo the damage to Canada's reputation, that will likely take a generation or more to accomplish.


  1. You're too pessimistic. People forget. With a strong change of direction I'd say ten years is feasible.

  2. Amazingly he didn't mention that they are scientists..
    and not inclined to be muzzled and censored.

    He fired a serious shot across the bow of the Harper Government PMO, the Alberta Government and the tar sands entities, The University of Calgary & related think tanks and ethical oil charities..

    One might assume recent hysterical statements by Ms Redford, Joe Oliver, John Baird, Peter Kent et al made them feel like they were involved with a psychotic bunch of ignoramuses ..

    They're all involved in eradicating aspects of the boreal forest, freshwater habitat, and replacing the forest, streams and wetlands with poisonous tailings ponds.. so he's indicating his group now realizes the tar sands promoters are creating a toxic drowning pit for science and accountability and the environment.

    How long should international exemplars such as Professor Messner feel dumbfounded.. or gasp with astonishment at the nonsensical spew coming from the tar sands gang? It must be pretty scary sitting down for a meeting or working lunch with the Canadian contingent.

    Maybe Peter Kent's experiments with poisoning wolves alerted Messner. Or was it Joe Oliver saying we'll drink from the tailings ponds..

    Thanks goodness he never had to meet Bruce Carson ....