From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Monday, May 27, 2013

Harper Government v The People

Just how many times have the Conservatives found themselves in court anyway, I lost count years ago. While we're at it, it would be nice to know how much all these forays into court have cost us through the years, a princely sum for sure.

Whether they are fighting to deny a new mom with cancer EI, or spending millions battling our veterans in order to deny them the benefits they are so deserving of. Or obstructing the PBO and MPCC from fulfilling their duties this government  spends a lot of time in court  and wastes immeasurable resources fighting against things one would expect a normal government to fight for.

In the latest chapter they along with the Ontario Liberal government are in court arguing that the Charter doesn't guarrentee the right to housing, whether it does or doesn't is immaterial. Housing is a human right.

If there is one constant in all this it is the methods the Conservatives use to "defend" these cases, in nearly every one they have used a scorched earth strategy, as Judge Mosley in his election fraud ruling put it  obstructing proceedings at every turn.

Despite the obvious public interest in getting to the bottom of the allegations, the CPC made little effort to assist with the investigation at the outset despite early requests. I note that counsel for the CPC was informed while the election was taking place that the calls about pollingstation changes were improper. While it was begrudgingly conceded during oral argument that what occurred was "absolutely outrageous", the record indicates that the stance taken by the respondent MPs from the outset was to block these proceedings by any means.  
The preliminary stages were marked by numerous objections to the evidence adduced by the applicants. The respondent MPs sought to strike the applications on the ground that they were frivolous and vexatious, to have them dismissed as champertous and to require excessive security for costs, in transparent attempts to derail this case. 

These are not the actions of a government intent on serving the interests of Canadians and democracy, they are instead the machinations of a government at war with the people.


  1. I'd be interested in an actual study of the relative amount of time the harpercon regime spends in court compared to past governments.

    You might be on to something about that.

    You're bang-on with their lack of public spirit.

    1. I'm very keen to see that comparison myself

    2. Sounds like a good question for James Morton.

      Don't know about court but I do know they spend a fortune on legal fees.
      Last year for instance they spent $3million - unsuccessfully as it turns out - trying to prevent one FN child welfare case from getting to court.

  2. .. ah yes .. The Harper Legacy - Litigation Against the Nation

    The fallout of Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan
    and other unelected wonks wonderkinds like Ray Novak, Ken Boessenkool
    Bruce Carson groping in their dark minds for threatening conspiracies
    that might impede their shallow egonomic supremacy wet dreams.

    My list is minimal & incomplete - I'm sure the cost has been staggering .....
    not just in legal fees, but in court time, buried productivity or lost purpose
    or crushed efficiency or democratic ethics and values lost & destroyed that must be rebuilt

    Military veterans - Peter Mackay gagging lawyers/invoking Client/Solicitor privilege (Cpl. Langridge) - danger pay
    The Charter - Human Rights - Prorogues - G20 - Baird/Clement $$ hide and seek
    Electoral Fraud - multiple files/cases - Cadman Affair
    First Nation Treaties - multiple files/cases - Beaver Lake Cree vs Alberta & Harper Canada
    Environment - Endangered Species - Peter Kent - boreal caribou - poison/shoot boreal wolves
    Prisoner Torture - multiple Ministers inc John Baird - prisoner transfers
    Helen Guergis - Duffy -
    Infected Farmed Salmon science suppression - redaction - obstruction - Keith Ashfield DFO
    Suppression of Science - Fort Chipewayn - downstream poisoned waters - downwind airborn pollution
    Fracking Pollution - Alberta case - Jessica Ernst - 'no duty of care'
    Food Safety - Canada exports infected farmed salmon
    Natural Resources - 'legal' consultation on how to obstruct, destroy or divert environmental protection
    Foreign Affairs - 'legal' opinion on how to sign secret trade treaties with China

    At what expense ? Why ? Who profits ?

    Is it possible to tabulate an approx global amount of legal fees spent ? ie identify each particular case - the result or lack of result, status - the law firm or lawyers names and the approx legal fees paid - court time - sessions - during each of the Harper Governments' elected periods ?

    Do any of the cases reflect a defense or advocacy of specific Canadian's or Canadians rights or needs.. or election promise ? Or do they instead reflect partisan policy, whim, dogma, lobbying, delusion or legislation buried within omnibus budget/bills that Canadians simply do not support nor are they aware of (ie not informed of electorally or via Harper Government or advertising agency, media ads & media buys) ??