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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A profane rant

Needless to say the revelations re Rob Ford was the talk around work today, sadly the majority were of the view that none of this matters as he is doing a great job.
Can someone give me a fucking break, PULEEESE. What like cutting funding for programes that assist disadvantaged youth? Oh no they say He is all about the kids he would never do that but if he did it was because Miller bankrupted the city so their fucking hero had no choice.

Asked which one is it, again it doesn't fucking matter cuz Rob is da bomb and no matter what he did it was the right thing to do, once more I plead, Give me a fucking break and engage those lonely brain cells of yours will ya.

Today confirmed my belief that there is nothing Ford can do to shake their love of the guy in fact his fucking goddamned approval rating is likely to shoot through the fucking roof after today, as they double down in support of Ford against the evil red horde out to destroy him.We had better line up in support of one of the adults running in the next election or we'll have Ford as mayor yet again.

In case you think it is only Toronto that is screwed the most recent ekos poll shows that thirty percent of those polled think Harper should stay the fuck on even if it has been proven that he is lying in the Senate/PMO scandal. That's right nearly a third of Canadians say ... Go ahead lie your fucking ass off, just don't bother us while we watch the latest fucking US reality show cuz we got our fucking priorities don't ya know.

I could go on but you know what I'm talking about and I bet you've muttered your share of profane rants lately


  1. Hey Kev. Honestly, people think he's doing a good enough job that it doesn't matter that he's a substance abuser who has lied to them throughout this whole scandal? I am pleased to say no one I work with thinks that! Even the few who used to like him no longer do. Look at the Toronto Sun! Even those wahoos have given up on him. If polls show that most Canadians think it's ok, I personally would not trust those polls.

  2. Hi Laura don't mind me I just need to vent

    There are to positives in all this, 69% say Harper should resign and I can't wait to see their faces when they realize the Sun says both Harper and Ford should resign