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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#TOpoli This I like

In a ground-breaking pilot project being unveiled Tuesday, the City of Toronto is proposing to buy between 70 and 75 units in a condominium to be built as part of the recently announced $1.1 billion Bayside neighbourhood development.

 If this project goes forward which given Ford's disdain for anything that improves the lot of the poor and helps make Toronto a more livable city is doubtful would amount to about 20% of the development.

Not only would we see affordable housing built but in a manner that makes economic sense, this is something we all need to support by making it clear to the Mayors Ford and council that we will not sit idly by and let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

Toronto’s affordable housing wait list has grown to a staggering 90,060 households representing 165,723 women, men and children with more people joining the list everyday as we continue to suffer the consequences of the meltdown some five years on.

Studies show that about half the families in Canada as a whole now live cheque to cheque and many of those who find themselves on the waiting list not that long ago said as many of you do today, that will never happen to me but it did so don't think you are immune.

I know many of you feel there is little use in lobbying politicians but as campaigns such as #TellVicEverything have shown us if we exert enough pressure they will listen and act accordingly, especially with the election campaign due to kick off in January, so with that in mind please give your councilor and the mayor a shout  and tell them you expect this project to be adopted

Toronto city Council contact list

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