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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fun With Numbers

The Harper Conservatives love to brag about adding one million net new jobs since the onset of the Great Recession
but as is always the case with these guys one must delve deeper to find the real truth Here are the other numbers, the ones that tell the real truth:

  • Canada lost approximately 430,000 jobs to the recession
  • Since that time an additional 870,000 people entered the labour force

My limited math skills say that adds up to 1.3 million leaving a deficit of three hundred thousand jobs, put in that light the Conservative's have nothing to crow about

What makes this boast even more baseless is the poor quality of those one million jobs

Add to this the fact  Food Banks Canada reports that in March of this year nearly 100,000 of those who turned to food banks for assistance were employed at the time

When put in this context the Harper Conservatives boast is an empty one, completely divergent from reality, but hey, they have elevated empty boasts and lying to an art form. Too bad that doesn't put food on the tables of struggling Canadians.

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