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Friday, January 3, 2014

Delivering the message

Quite often when faced with a decision made by our governments such as the killing of mail delivery, we throw up our hands not knowing how the respond. Here is my proposal for letting Harper know we don't agree.
 I propose we snail mail bomb the PM.  We choose a day in which we all write the PM letters of protest, perhaps January 27th, the day the house is set to resume sitting would be a good day for it.

It costs us nothing but our time to mail our elected representatives. For those who desire we could create a form letter although I prefer the more personal approach.

What say you? Any suggestions?

Here is a good example of a form letter CUPW - 2013-12-17 - Help us Save Canada Post! Mail a letter to your Member of Parliament

What do we have to lose by trying? Certainly much less than if we don't


  1. It's a great idea. Keep your letter short, because it will only be counted, not read in any in-depth way. And don't forget your postal code, because that tally will count most if you live in a hotly contested riding.

  2. Assuming Canada Post is going to plough ahead with this initiative regardless. I've been thinking that some civil disobedience might be in order, eventually. What if everyone being forced to use supermailboxes just refused to pick up their mail? It wouldn't take too many days before the system ground to a halt.