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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fox in the hen house

In a display of the lengths the Harper Conservatives will go to rig the game and just how poorly served we are by the corporate  media, on December 16th an announcement was quietly made turning over control of  fish habitat along pipeline routes and responsibility for dealing with First Nations fisheries if a pipeline or power line crosses their land to the NEB.

As of December 16, 2013,  Enbridge no longer has to apply to DFO for permits to alter fish habitat along the Northern Gateway route. It was also on December 16 that Kinder Morgan filed its application with the NEB for the expansion of its pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby.

A big thank you to  Robin Rowland for flagging this and bringing it to our attention also a h/t to Greg for passing it along


  1. Reprehensible is the only word that seems apt to describe this development, Kev.

    1. I'm not sure there is a word in the English language that could convey how I feel about this Lorne

  2. .. As posted in a reply to Lorne at Politics & Discontent ..
    I know you'll see the connection ..

    .. what I'm reading is that the Chief Librarian and Archivist must be consulted, and sign off.. etc etc etc.. and all protocols - applications for 'Disposition' of records etc per The Library and Archive Act of Canada must be observed and followed. (All 'records' covered under the Act apply, including Ministerial and Department Records as well)

    'Records' being described within the Act as books, charts, maps, texts, images, artifacts, digital files etc etc of Government institutions and departments..

    I understand the permanent 'Chief' position re Library and Archives is still being advertised after the economist Daniel Caron's hasty resignation, though temporarily filled by another economist Herve Dery via an appointment by James Moore.

    Currently there is an active staff campaign to 'Save the LAC' (Library and Archive Of Canada) and ensure an experienced non partisan is hired.. to rebuild/restore the damage enacted under Caron by The Harper Government.. (what ???).. a complete and unexplained failure regarding digitizing of records !!! (this sounds ominous) yet James Moore defends this 'progress' as part of, or explainable as per the renaming & repurposing of the Museum of Civilization sponsored by Enbridge.. (What ???)

    With the recent closures of Science Libraries and numerous disclosures of no agency being identified, no records made or kept, dumpsters and landfill sites used for storage prior to digitizing, dumping or burning, pathetic denials from Gail Shea .. etc.. all in the face of the clear requirements of The Act, that I have reviewed.. one is left wondering exactly how & by whom did this series of seemingly illegal attacks on Canada's knowledge, history and science come to pass.. and on who's orders..

    Can we or mainstream media not backtrack via Freedom of Information? Can our public servants not step forward and explain accurately and honestly, what has happened or is happening?

    This seems especially related to DFO's (Fisheries & Oceans) role being transferred to NEB National Energy Board - Calgary) re fish, habitat, endangerment.. per Enbridge Northern Gateway.. and Kinder Morgan and fracking and so on..

    Once again, I and many other Canadians must ask..'is our government currently breaking the laws of Canada, obstructing truth and actively lying to us regarding environment & energy .. and now our historical and archival science and biological holdings as well?

    Its time to apologize to Canada and resign and testify publicly if so..
    and I must add, there are numerous other similar situations
    where deceit, secrecy, incompetence and apparently, greed
    have had the same end result