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Monday, June 23, 2014

Harper's Temporary Foreign Wingmen

Or Foreign Legion if you will

Canada’s air force has been hiring foreign pilots to fly its front-line transport aircraft, maritime patrol planes and fighter jets, citing an inability to recruit Canadians to fill seats in the military cockpits.

Putting aside the ridiculous notion that the Air Force cannot find Canadians willing to pilot their aircraft,  the thought of a military that owes it's allegiance not to the Canadian people but to he who signs the cheque terrifies me.

A foreign military, populated by mercenaries is much more susceptible to being turned against the people. Of all Harper's misdeeds I find this one the most chilling.


  1. Related ...
    The Canadian Welding Bureau, the org that certifies Canadian welders and retests them every two years, has been running 8 month classes in the Philippines to pre-certify and pre-qualify welders. Those who pass the course get a welding card that is valid anywhere in Canada.
    Bob Montes, certification services representative of the Canadian Welding Bureau :
    "“The welders that we are training in Canada right now are not sufficient to fill that vacuum that’s why the Canadian government is looking of hiring temporary workers from outside" ... "the welders will be in big demand when construction for the pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia begins."

  2. The Conservative's wage suppression scheme has been laid bare and may be the issue to bring them down