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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Please spare us your machinations

The choice of that bastard who shall go unnamed in this space as Canadian news maker of the year is nothing more than an attempt by a dying industry to misappropriate for itself a sense of controversy and relevance.

Perhaps if they wish to earn themselves a measure of relevance they could the next time the prime Minister or a member of his government blatantly lies to them thus the Canadian people, call them on it.

Repeat after me, Excuse me but that just isn't true. See now doesn't that feel better.

Until you are ready to do your jobs and actually hold the government to account please slither back behind your pay walls and take your blatant attempts at stirring faux controversy with you.

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  1. But 70% of Guardian readers voted Bradley Manning as Man of the Year. So I am cheered up. Actually I can't even remember who the Canadian version was, though I read it somewhere. Guess this is my mind's way to edit out what is not worth remembering.