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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let the debate begin

It's time to stop debating referendums and get down to the business of deciding what we want in terms of electoral reform. This focus on referendums merely allows the Conservatives and those who profit from the status quo to set the agenda.

Theirs is a strategy of distraction and disinformation and we mustn't allow that to happen. The speech below lays out the case for reform rather nicely.

Sadly his bill was defeated but Reynolds effectively makes his case nonetheless

"In the chamber, Jonathan Reynolds MP who proposed the Bill spoke on behalf of the 6,000 people who wrote to their MPs, the 500,000 who signed petitions this May and the tens of millions whose votes were wasted by First Past the Post this year at the General Election. He spoke up on behalf of the 57% of the public who think seats should match votes. And he did an excellent job. - See more at: "

h/t @FairVoteCanada


  1. .. Electoral Reform will have include or built upon resolution of exactly how and by whom - the Election Fraud of 2011 was planned and executed. With over 240 + federal ridings hit by Live & Robo calling criminal fraud utilizing the voter database of the political party that is also the current Government - and that Government refuses to see the crime as anything more than 'hijinks' or 'baseless smears'... then voting Canadians have been played for fools.. and election results completely tainted. Any Electoral Reform will be ripe for fraud, abuse, gaming without understanding how partisan extremists will utilize technology to both execute the crime and cover it up. Partisan extremists & operators can count on the glacial and weak Investigation bodies, assistance via timely obstructive legislation... and realistically there will be information flow back and forth between spying agencies, police forces and public servants.. that assists in hiding the perpetrators. Lawyers using client attorney privilege can go back and forth between Party and Government and Election Canada - fully informed via every entity involved.. privy in advance to every action or intention or even advance strategy. Pretending Michael Sona solves the case is asinine, as is believing Pierre Poilievre plugged dangerous loopholes preventing 'fair elections' - its to laugh.. Without fearless journalism or whistleblowers we would 'know nothing of these things' as a previous senior public servant once declared.

  2. While indeed conjoined and we must investigate what went on during recent elections, we can't allow that to delay the implementation of a more equitable system for voting