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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fracking Gone Wild

"Our Government believes shale gas is an important strategic resource that could provide numerous economic benefits to Canada," the (environment) ministry's statement said. Gas is an important part of a clean energy future, the ministry added, saying that "a healthy environment and a strong economy go hand in hand."  This was the written response to questions from ProPublica in regards to an article published on their site about the growth of Fracking in Canada

Also from the article
Early last year, deep in the forests of northern British Columbia, workers for Apache Corp. performed what the company proclaimed was the biggest hydraulic fracturing operation ever.
The project used 259 million gallons of water and 50,000 tons of sand to frack 16 gas wells side by side. It was "nearly four times larger than any project of its nature in North America," Apache boasted. 

 The record didn't stand for long. By the end of the year, Apache and its partner, Encana, topped it by half at a neighboring site.

While the revelations about the level of Fracking activity particularly in the west are alarming to say the least, the fact that our Ministry of the Environment sees as part of it's mandate the promotion of activities such as Fracking is truly frightening and shows once again just how corrupt the Conservatives truly are.


  1. Minister of (Taking Ruthless Advantage of the) Environment

    Minister of (Taking Ruthless Advantage of) Veterans (Affairs)

    Minister of (Taking Ruthless Advantage of) Labour


  2. Hi Anon It's almost as if we entered a parallel dimension where everything is opposite Up is down black is white etc

  3. What the frack is going on here? Fracking is an essential part of human life. I frack in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Fracking keeps me young. I don't understand what the hubub is about anyways. ITS NATURAL AIN'T IT? I for one support fracking, and all of the pigs that it chemically castrates.

    One Proud Fracking Engineer (FKNEr for short)