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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Have Our Priorities

According to Correctional Services Canada, the average annual cost of keeping someone in a federal prison in Canada in 2004-2005 was $88,067 . Now compare that to the annual amount spent per student in Canada during the same time period of $8726 including operating budgets and salaries.


  1. A very revealing set of stats. Wish more politicians (and the population in general) were aware of this.

  2. Hi Way Way Up The numbers do speak for themselves which is why I offered no commentary. Education is the most effective tool for keeping people out of prison in the first place

  3. Correctional services expenditures totalled almost $3 billion in 2005/6, up 2% from the previous year.
    Custodial services (prisons) accounted for the largest proportion (71%) of the expenditures, followed by community supervision services (14%), headquarters and central services (14%), and National Parole Board and provincial parole boards (2%).
    This figure does not include policing or court costs which bring the total expenditures up to more than $10 billion for the year.
    Cost of incarcerating a Federal prisoner (2004/5): $259.05 per prisoner/per day
    Cost of incarcerating a Federal female prisoner (2004/5): $150,000-$250,000 per prisoner/per year
    Cost of incarcerating a Federal male prisoner (2004/5): $87,665 per prisoner/per year
    Cost of incarcerating a provincial prisoner (2004/5): $141.78: per prisoner/per day
    The cost of alternatives such as probation, bail supervision and community supervision range from $5-$25/day.

  4. Hi Min all more expensive than treating mental illness and addiction plus education all of which are proven to reduce crime and of course prison populations.

    Better outcomes at a lower cost who could be opposed to that....oh wait...MERDE!