From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Criminal In Chief

Despite presiding over the destruction of Torontonians confidence and trust in their police force Chief Blair survives. This after having lied about the scope of the Public Works act and the supposed G20 weapons cache. Meting out the ridiculously insufficient "punishment" of the loss of one to two days pay to his officers who removed their name tags, an act of direct insubordination and a drop in the bucket compared the the overtime pay received. He survives despite leading his troops in the commision of the greatest violation of civil rights Canada has ever seen and despite his almost total lack of contrition for doing so.

Now we hear from Joe Warmington that Blair has now issued an order to every member of the force forbidding them from talking to the Police Services Board.

“As a result, the chief has ordered: that all interaction with the board will be through the office of the chief, that no member of the service will provide information to the board office, except in the form of a board report, submitted through the usual chain of command though the office of the chief.”

 This from Warminton's piece sums it up perfectly in my mind:

 Another former Toronto officer called the order “paranoia” and “something out of the iron curtain,” and suggested the Police Services Board has the power to rescind it. “The board has all kinds of obligations as the employer and in law you just can¹t tell employees not to speak to their employer,” said the former officer. “The chief is not the employer but the manager of the employees and the overseeing board should have unfiltered access to everything.”

 However though I would go a step further and ask the board to demand Blair's resignation post haste. No employer or supervisor would /should accept this level of insubordination, well except Blair of course.


  1. Funny how quickly the despotic adopt a siege mentality when the going gets rough.

  2. Hi Lorne One can only imagine what Blair's reaction would be to a board that actually exercises its mandate