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Monday, July 2, 2012

What took so damn long?

Here we are more than a decade into the 21st century yet we are only now seeing the first black man appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal.
Marlys Edwardh, a prominent criminal lawyer who worked with Tulloch in 2006 on a review panel he chaired on Osgoode Hall’s admissions policy, said she was delighted when she heard of his historic appointment.
“I think he’s a man with clear insight into how law school has to relate to many different communities today, not just the Bay street community,” she said.
 Recognizing that our courts are mostly male,white and affluent contributing to the over-representation of blacks and aboriginals in our prisons I should  be excited to see a person of Michael Tulloch's background and caliper appointed to the bench, however any pleasure derived from this is more than outweighed by my anger that it took so damn long.

BTW is anyone else bothered by the headline of the Star piece? It seems to me that a white appointee would be described in more relevant terms than merely "hardworking"

h/t  @Beari8it

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