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Monday, September 24, 2012

His Majesty's Colonial Government

24 September,2021 London: Acting on council from British North America Company chairman and Imperial Prime Minister Rupert Murdoch, His Majesty King Charles today ordered the dissolution of His Majesty's colonial government in Calgary and the arrest of it's members.

The King subsequently named  Lord Black of Bridle Path, Colonial Governor. In his first official act as governor Lord Black ordered the arrest and immediate execution of the Camillatown strike leaders. Lord Black also expressed his desire to see the workers pick up their tools and redouble their efforts in order to see construction of  His Majesty's palace on the shores of Lake Louise back on schedule.

Reached in Washington BNAC Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Stephen Harper expressed relief at the news, saying his biggest regret was not finishing the job before leaving office.

It is expected that the former members of government will be sent to BNAC's Resolute Bay penal colony, home to the few remaining radicals to have survived the great purge of 2014 and the justifiably harsh conditions under BNAC v.p. of Mining Operations and Human Resources V. Toews.

More to come as  further details emerge

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  1. I don't think it's quite fair bringing Charles into all this. To the extent that Chuck isn't scrupulously apolitical due to the whole reigning-but-not-ruling royal schtick, his politics are oddly progressive (albeit mainly concerned with agriculture).

    1. Hey someone has to play the role of the evil Sovereign, besides Camillatown has a better ring to it than Katetown