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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mayor Destructo

Rob Ford will not rest until everything that makes this city livable is dead and buried, don't believe me?, ask him yourself.

 “We can’t have these lefties spending like drunken sailors,”
 Twice in a week Ford has shown up at committees to cast the deciding vote to bar council from studying the cost of improving services such as speeding up the pace of refurbishing the city's playgrounds.

That's right the mayor who says he is all about families and the kids won't even allow council to study the issue. The customer service mayor also voted down a study to reduce the time residents wait on the phone for service.

Ford said Monday he has no choice but to swing votes in order to stop “reckless” spending by councillors who have “no respect for the taxpayers whatsoever.”
There is just too much irony in that last quote for words.

While it is important to watch how our tax dollars are spent and get value for our money, there is much that needs doing not just to maintain vital services but also to build a better Toronto but Mayor Destructo will have none of it.


  1. Well, Mayor Destructo may be a lost cause, but for his to be the deciding vote means there's a bunch of councillors acting like shitheads too, not so? Some pressure needs to be brought to bear on some of those.

    1. Tis so and there have been some successes in doing just that