From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. Carl Schurz

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sovereignty Schmovereignty

Well it's happened again, yet another Canadian barred from leaving the country not by Canadian authorities but the Yanks. We better get used to this as Harper and gang will do anything to please their masters desire to erase the border at least where trade is concerned.

We all knew this would happen some day so it comes as no surprise that Air Canada denied boarding to an Edmonton woman wishing to fly from Edmonton through Toronto and on to Germany because her name or one similar appeared on one of the US's notorious lists.
She believes her name might be similar to someone else who is on the American no-fly list and, for some reason, her name popped up even though she wasn't flying to the U.S.
Business professor and airline security critic Barry Prentise supported her theory, noting that Hassan appears to be caught in no-fly list limbo.
“It's quite possible that it's just a mistaken identity, which is one of the problems with these no-fly lists is, 'How do we know for sure who the person is?'” he said.
Hassan said she will be sending all the necessary forms to the American government in the hopes of clearing her name.
She says they are welcome to look into her background as she has nothing to hide.
“They're not going to find anything other than a high school graduate right here in Edmonton — a person that lived here for the last 12 years; immigrated to this country as a refugee,” she said.

So there you have it Harper has so sold out our sovereignty to a foreign government that they can dictate which of our citizens can leave the country or not. So much for our right of mobility as laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Mobility of citizens

 6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada. Marginal note:Rights to move and gain livelihood (2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province. Marginal note:Limitation (3) The rights specified in subsection (2) are subject to (a) any laws or practices of general application in force in a province other than those that discriminate among persons primarily on the basis of province of present or previous residence; and (b) any laws providing for reasonable residency requirements as a qualification for the receipt of publicly provided social services.

At this pace we may have no rights left by the time Harper and gang are ousted

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