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Friday, January 31, 2014

Peek-a-boo I see you

Recent revelations of CSEC's activity's while alarming only scratch the surface. Yesterday the Ottawa Citizen published a list of Canadian Security and Defence Science Research Projects.

To say this list is scary doesn't do it justice, none more so than the one  @kam_rao pointed out on twitter

20. The Canada Border Services Agency will lead a project that will test the readiness of face-recognition technology as a means of screening against a watch list in an operational environment. Partners: ADGA Group Consultants Inc.; Calgary Police Service; Department of Homeland Security; NextgenID Canada Inc.; Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario; Public Safety Canada; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Transport Canada; and Université du Québec.

If that doesn't demonstrate how out of control the security industrial complex is  and scare the shit out of you, nothing will.

Once developed this technology will certainly migrate beyond the border into every day policing and surveillance. Once placed on one of these secret impossible to get off of lists your every move will then be tracked
As Mahar Arar found out merely having lunch with someone on a list will draw you squarely into this bizarre nightmare without end.


  1. Today the gov't assured us that we have nothing to worry about, so there's that. Hahahaha! I kill myself sometimes.