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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Campaigning from the....

I often point out these days the Trudeau led Liberals seem solely intent on wooing the right of centre vote to the exclusion of those on the left.

This usually results in silence but on the few occasions Liberals do respond what I hear is we must  unlike Chretien who campaigned from the left and governed from the right do the opposite. Campaign from the right and govern from the left.

To me there is no difference, both are cynical and deceptive and as a voter how can I know this to be true. All I can base my decisions on are the policies a party runs on and what I have heard from Trudeau and his party to date other that the marijuana promise causes me great concern.

Be it his support for the Keystone pipeline, the Canada/China FIPA, Harper's CETA corporate rights deal and the party's support for Harper's corporate rights deal with the murderous  military coup lead Honduran regime I see nothing there I can support.

Chrystia Freeland;

 When it comes to the Honduras deal in particular, my hon. colleagues in the NDP have raised the important point that this is a trade deal with a country that has a very troubled record and very troubled reality on many political labour and environmental issues. We in the Liberal Party believe that it is important for us to do this deal. Not every country in the world is perfect, and we have to trade in the global economy. We believe that having a strong trading relationship can and must be a way to be a positive force in those economies

These are policies that once having wooed right wing voters and won government will be nearly impossible to walk back from and if they do will only add to voter apathy as many will feel once again betrayed.

BTW as I've pointed out recently the NDP seems to be following the same tact as I'm told they must appear more pragmatic in order to win so they can implement their real agenda.

It seems the rot that emanates from the PM has now infected the entire political spectrum


  1. Yeah. Sigh. Mulcair as NDP leader is going directions I don't like. But I'm not confident half the other candidates wouldn't have done the same, and the other half while generally smart, competent people would not have been politically effective. My favourite New Democrats didn't run . . . what I'd give for Charlie Angus or Olivia Chow as NDP leader.

    1. Mulcair has proven himself an effective leader but in the end he is a Liberal at heart and always will be.

  2. Freeland's speech on the Honduras deal is pretty much identical to the one Martha Hall Findlay gave four years ago justifying Lib support for the Cons' deal with Colombia. [Libs and Cons - 188 votes ... NDP and Bloc - 79]
    The Cons made great sport of this support from the Libs who were official opp party at the time.

    John Baird : "Unanimous consent to resolve that Jack Layton is the leader of the official opposition, agreed."

    1. Yes indeed there is no space between the Liberals and the Conservatives when it comes to trade