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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Your job search brought to you by...

With the Harper Government's plan to sell ads on it's job bank web site the possibilities are endless

One can just see it now. Your job search brought to you by;
  • Acme Payday Loans No job no problem
  • Wescrewu Divorce Lawyers Don't get mad get even
  • Urbroke Debt and Bankruptcy Counseling In over your head? Pay us to make you feel better
  • FU Cheque Cashing Service We accept EI and Welfare cheques
  • GrubbyHands Pawn Shop Can't afford the rent No problem We'll buy all your treasures
  • Joe Oliver's Got Gold Get cash for that wedding ring you don't need any more
  • Billy Joe Reverse Mortgage Brokers Can't make the mortgage payment have we got a deal for you
As I said the possibilities are endless

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