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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Due process, meh

I will not defend the actions of the FHRITP idiots, they were disgusting and in my view worthy of sanction but we have something in this world called due process  and fairness, concepts totally absent when the tines are sharpened and the torches lit.

For the fired Hydro One employee his timing couldn't have been worse given the PR disaster the proposed privatisation has engendered. Under normal circumstances he may have survived this however given this and the howls of the mob he stood no chance.

Again I will not defend his actions, he was not a passive participant and in fact added a few choice comments of his own but the discipline process does deserve defending. While there are times immediate termination of employment is justified the concept of progressive discipline is a vital one.

It protects us all, well all of us who are unionized, absent a union it's the wild west where an employer can do pretty much as it wishes.

As I said at the top his actions even tough outside of the workplace deserved sanction, what that should be is impossible to determine at this time. There are many factors that need to be taken into account here. Factors such as his behavior towards the women in his workplace.

Are they respectful and professional or not. Has he had prior disciplinary issues? These are factors that should come into play when determining the proper penalty. The mob however only wants blood forgetting that some day they themselves may need the very due process  they wish denied here.

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