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Sunday, May 17, 2015

On the transformation of Michael Coren

Today I posted  to Twitter a Toronto Star column by Coren wherein he laments the vicious attacks he has faced from the congregation of what he coins the Church of Nasty since first  announcing his transition from vile homophobe to human being.
The reaction has been varied, ranging from yay Coren to karma's a b----.

"The change was to a large extent triggered by the gay issue. I couldn’t accept that homosexual relationships were, as the Roman Catholic Church insists on proclaiming, disordered and sinful. Once a single brick in the wall was removed the entire structure began to fall.
I refused to base my entire world view and theology, as so many active Catholics do, around abortion, contraception and sex rather than love, justice and forgiveness. Frankly, it was tearing me apart. I wanted to extend the circle of love rather than stand at the corners of a square and repel outsiders. So I quietly and privately drifted over to an Anglican Church that while still working out its own position on many social issues, is far more progressive, open, relevant and willing to admit reality."
While I have some sympathy for the karma argument, ( we are responsible for our past) having gone through significant transition in my own life I have no choice but to embrace this change and wish the once reviled in these parts Coren nothing but success in his journey

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